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This is Construction City

Construction City is a cluster with a mission to drive collaboration and new solutions in the construction industry.

While discussing a possible co-location of their new headquarters, OBOS, AF Gruppen and Betonmast agreed to an even more ambitious project - one that is changing the face of the construction and real estate industry: Construction City.

Part innovation cluster and part co-location, the first campus at Ulven in Oslo is where traditional competitors, legacy entrepreneurs, and groundbreaking startups will meet across sectors to share insights, collaborate, and build the industry’s international muscle.

Since our launch in 2018, more and more industry stakeholders have joined our cluster's ranks to investigate new modes of work, spark smart use of technology and discover more sustainable practices.

Construction City enables rapid and direct exchange of knowledge. Our welcoming virtual and physical arenas drive innovation pilots and inspire members to meet and collaborate. The objective is to increase our members' individual and collective competitiveness and to be a showcase for the benefits of industry co-location.


Årsrapport 2021

Her finner du årsrapporten for 2021.