Construction city atrium

Construction City Cluster

Construction City Cluster provides arenas for research, innovation, expertise, and collaborative business development.

The welcoming environment of our physical and virtual campuses stimulates interaction and the transfer of knowledge within the cluster - and helps to increase the members’ international focus. Our members enjoy benefits that are changing the Norwegian construction and real estate industry.

A vibrant innovation eco-system that fuels knowledge sharing, specific work projects and discussions about industry solutions and strategies.

A meeting place for hosting events, courses, and field trips – bringing together a unique cross-sector network of people and companies, collaborating to their mutual benefit.

A co-location for the entire value chain from promising startups to major entrepreneurs, lifting the industry’s collective competitiveness.

A lab for testing and developing the technology that is shaping the industry, scaling business models and learning from industry stakeholders.

Construction City Cluster is the future of construction.

Who can become a member?

Any organization with a base in Norway that supplies products or services in or to the construction and real estate industry, or intends to do so, can become a member of CCC. The cluster has three membership categories: Partner, Member, and Entrepreneurship.


This membership category is designated organizations considered to be particularly crucial to the development of the cluster. Educational institutions and public entities can also be offered partnerships.

Membership fee: NOK 250.000 ex. VAT


Any organization with a base in Norway that provides or is planning to provide products or services in or to the construction and real estate industry can apply for this category. Construction City Cluster does not offer personal membership.

Membership fee: NOK 20.000 ex. VAT


Startups with an aim to bring the industry forward within the cluster’s strategic areas can be offered membership in this category. CCC does not offer personal or individual membership.

Membership fee: NOK 5.000 ex. VAT

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