Membership Agreement Construction City Cluster

1. About CCC as a business cluster

Construction City Cluster is operated by Construction City Cluster AS - “Company”).

The Cluster will, among other things, work to establish meeting places for the members, initiate collaborative projects within the Cluster that contribute to research, innovation, competence and business development. The Cluster will conduct activities that stimulate increased interaction and transfer of experience within the Cluster, contribute to increased innovation within the Cluster’s core business and increase the members’ international focus.

The Cluster will establish physical presence in Construction City at Ulven. Membership is initially reserved for businesses that also aim to establish a physical presence at the Property.

2. Members and membership in the Cluster

a) Membership

Terms of membership in the Cluster, including the different categories for membership, are described in more detail in the terms of membership, which are attached as appendix to this agreement. (Link til terms)

b) Member benefits

Through membership in the Cluster, the company gains access to the member benefits that apply to the relevant membership category (Partner, Member or Entrepreneurship).

An updated list of member benefits can be found in the terms of membership applicable at any given time.

It may be relevant to offer benefits to the cluster members that are not covered through payment of an annual membership fee. In this case, such services will be billed separately and it will clearly state whether there is a member benefit covered by the membership fees.

c) Members’ obligations

The Cluster’s activities are based on the members contributing to the Cluster’s realisation of strategy and goals by actively participating to promote the Cluster’s objectives, including for sharing knowledge and experience and strengthening the recognition of the Cluster.

Through membership in the Cluster, the company undertakes to comply with the terms of membership applicable at any given time and to comply with the obligations arising therein. The scope of the obligations may vary for each category of membership.

d) Membership fees

Membership in the Cluster entails a duty to pay membership fees, which are determined annually by the Company. Membership fees are differentiated between the different categories of membership and are determined annually by the Company. The prices can be found in the current terms of membership applicable at any given time.

e) Duration of the membership agreement

Membership is valid for one calendar year at a time, but is automatically renewed every year until terminated. Both the Company and the member may terminate the membership agreement in writing by 31 October, with effect for the following calendar year.

f) Breach of the membership agreement

The Company's board of directors may decide that a member should be excluded from the Cluster if the member acts in breach of the membership agreement. The decision on exclusion must be notified in writing from the Company and will take effect immediately. In the case of an exclusion, the member will receive a proportionate refund of membership fees for the remaining part of the year of membership in question.

3. The development of the Cluster and amendment of the membership agreement with the associated terms

The member benefits and content of the members’ obligations will be developed and may be subject to change as the Company deems appropriate at any given time. The Cluster will work to realise the Cluster’s strategy and goals through the development of an innovation system, defined main activities and common meeting places for the members of the Cluster.

The terms of membership applicable at any given time are part of this membership agreement. Changes to the terms of membership will be notified no later than 30 days before the notice period under Section 2 e) and will first take effect from subsequent calendar years.